• Comfortable and Safe: Two people can ride at a time in total comfort and safety.
  • Install Anywhere: Because the Duet Lift does not require a lift shaft it can be installed almost anywhere in your home.
  • No Lift Shaft: The Duet Lift does not require a lift shaft. The unique design makes the installation process simple and dramatically reduces costs.
  • Fast lead Time: The Duet Lift is made and manufactured in Australia thus eliminating lengthy shipping delays.
  • Almost Invisible: The Duet Lift is almost invisible, when not on your floor and totally unobtrusive in any home setting.
  • A Joy to Use: Ease of use is central to the design. Anyone can operate it and everyone will be impressed by it’s smooth, quiet running.
  • Inexpensive: The Duet Lift is inexpensive to run and maintain. The lift runs off the normal AC power in your home and is energy efficient.
  • Failsafe¬†Design: In the unlikely event of a power failure while you are using the lift, a back-up battery will take you safely to the floor level.
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